A Prayer for the Elderly

My God, you have revealed yourself through your Son, Jesus, to be a loving Father who cares for your children, your sons and daughters, in a loving way. I have always turned to you in good times and in bad and you have always been there to enfold me in your loving embrace.

I now turn to you, my loving Father, as I grow old. You are the fountain of all wisdom and knowledge. You know all my needs even before I put words to them. As I grow older, I find that I am beset with the weaknesses of age; I am, at times, troubled by this and feel afraid. I fear the pain that may come my way, the sting of loneliness, the agony of depression. And so I turn to you, my loving Father, and ask you to have compassion on my weakness. I do not ask you to protect me from the problems of old age; I ask only that you come and stand by me as I face them. Make me feel your presence in my life; strengthen me with your love. I ask this of you, my Father, through the intercession of your Son and my Brother. Amen