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"God Helps Those..."
- NY Times Article on the Passionist Monastery On the wall of the F station at 179th Street in Jamaica, Queens, spelled out in white and blue mosaic tile, is the legend Monastery and Retreat House, accompanied by an arrow pointing down Hillside Avenue...
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"Prayer cards keep Jamaica Estates monastery going"
- Astoria Times article on Rev. Peter Grace, C.P. The Passionist priests of the Immaculate Conception monastery in Jamaica Estates have a novel idea to finance the work they do around the world, one that sounds like it barely has a prayer of being profitable enough...
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"A Passionist's Prayer From The Heart"
- Rev. Peter Grace, C.P. article in the Queens Gazette As the Rector of the Passionist Monastery of the Immaculate Conception in Jamaica, the mission work our priests do here in Jamaica and around the world has always been close to my heart. I attended Immaculate Conception school, served Mass as an altar boy and found inspiration in the wonderful Passionist priests and brothers- so much so that I decided to join the Passionist Community and serve the spiritual needs of all those who turn to the Passionists for prayer and guidance.
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